2016-07_Emma Maternity-29
My husband and I are partners. Partners in life. Partners in business. Partners in parenting. Partners in all the crazy. And while I typically use this blog to share our family, our work and our life’s passions, this weekend Geoffrey blew me away with his patience and talent, and I feel compelled to share one of the many blessings I have in my PARTNER! A blog post to say I love you. A blog post to say THANK YOU GEOFFREY.
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If I were writing a post about photography (or even about parenting), I would advise each of you that 38+ weeks is NEVER the time to squeeze in a maternity shoot. In fact, the only thing a mother-to-be should be doing at 38+ weeks is laying in bed and deciding if she should go pee before telling Netflix that she would like to ‘continue’…
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…But this is not technically a blog post about photography or about parenting, so I will share the facts, without any hint of advice (because I have none).
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At 38 weeks pregnant, I spend one moment crying because I split my last pair of maternity leggings, the next moment crying because my body is experiencing this beautiful and amazing transformation, the next moment crying because I only have iPhone photos to show for it, the next moment crying because I have thousands of dollars of camera equipment packed away, the next moment crying because I realize that my brand new lemon is moldy (do lemons actually go bad?!), then the next moment crying because I don’t know why I’m crying.
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With all that crying, it may be a bit of an understatement to say that my partner felt intimidated when I asked him to take maternity photos of my beautiful, ugly, amazing, OMG-I-can’t-believe-this-is-what-I-look-like-(insert crying)-body, while also dragging around our 2 year old son on a 4 hour, 2 location, photo session with tripod, stroller and 6 outfits in tow. (He should just be thankful I didn’t want to include the dog, right?!)
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But then he did it. And he did it with such grace and such patience that I could have cared less what the photos looked like because at the end of the shoot I was reminded yet again that he is the best partner, quite possibly the only person on the planet who is willing to put up with my shenanigans, and definitely the only person on the planet who will offer to do it all over again on Sunday if I am not completely happy with the way the photos turned out.
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Then we got back to the office (the living room) and I saw this…
2016-07_Emma Maternity-102016-07_Emma Maternity-62016-07_Emma Maternity-142016-07_Emma Maternity-172016-07_Emma Maternity-24
Then I cried…2016-07_Emma Maternity-19
Happy cried…2016-07_Emma Maternity-20
Because my partner was able to capture more love and more beauty in a photo then I was able to see with my own eyes. 2016-07_Emma Maternity-40
 He captured the love of a child…2016-07_Emma Maternity-43
The love of a mother…2016-07_Emma Maternity-26
And the love of of family…2016-07_Emma Maternity-34
What a beautiful life we have.  2016-07_Emma Maternity-49
Thank you, Geoffrey, 2016-07_Emma Maternity-48
for making me feel like the luckiest…2016-07_Emma Maternity-63
most blessed…2016-07_Emma Maternity-54
most loved…2016-07_Emma Maternity-62
woman on the planet.2016-07_Emma Maternity-762016-07_Emma Maternity-832016-07_Emma Maternity-942016-07_Emma Maternity-67
 You really are my world, my best friend and my partner in all things wonderful!

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