This past Thanksgiving weekend we took our first real road trip as a family of 4 (5 if you count the pup), and traveled to Willard, Utah  where we had a sweet 5-day reunion with my married in family. We rented a huge AirBnB house (toy room, trampoline and hot tub included) and spent our days eating delicious homemade meals and doing nothing more than enjoying each others’ company: working puzzles, sipping wine, and sneaking in a few fireside naps. And it is at this point in my weekend-description that I would expect my 2.5 year old to be bored to tears and begging for YouTube, but instead he surprised me… 

Day after day I would ask him what he wanted to play, how he wanted to fill our long hours together. And day after day he simply requested that ‘Mommy elephant’ come play with ‘Hansie-elephant’. 

Meet: ‘Mommy-elephant’ and ‘Hansie-elephant’…

FYI: ‘Elephants’ come to life when your hand is perched up on your finger tips in the shape of an elephant, trunk outstretched for effect. 

Each day we would steal away (typically underneath the over-sized kitchen table) and play, play, play! Sans toys. Sans iphones. Sans stuff. And each day, I witnessed my son chosing one-on-one time with me over a house full of toys. 

Our elephant-fingers provided hours of entertainment and laughter. They danced around like puppets. They blew their little elephant trunks. They buckled up in their seat belts and traveled around town. They explored the great outdoors. They visited pretend toy stores. They held hands to cross a pretend street. They practiced going potty. They even practiced ‘tooting’. Then, of course, they practiced flushing, washing, being ‘on their way’…(Thank you, Daniel Tiger). 

…But most incredibly, they turned precious little fingers into precious little memories. They reminded me (as this holiday season approaches) that all my children really want is TIME. Time with those they love. Time with ‘Mommy-elephant’. 🐘


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