Bazaar Baby

Baby Announcement by: Ian Bode, Charleston, WV

At a recent weekend at the East End Bazaar, Ian Bode, a great artist/cartoonist, created this adorable painting of our exciting news! We ‘expect’ that this will be how we announce our news on facebook.

It sure is amazing what an announcement social media has become.  Somehow, posting to facebook has become this ritual of sorts that demands hilarious punch lines, filtered photos, and endless tagging.  As exhausting as it has become, I must say, I am looking forward to the likes, comments, and virtual excitement.   I have seen everything from a can of ‘PREGO’, to two pumpkins in a belly, to ‘BUMP’ road signs, to plenty of chalkboard displays, to tiny shoes, and so on.  And the competition is pretty stiff, but I happen to think that our announcement is awesome! Now we just need to take bets on how many ‘likes’ we can accrue in 24 hours.

As for the Fruit Update:

Approaching week 12, Boggle is turning into a LIME… which all of the sudden seems HUGE!

Screen shot 2013-08-21 at 9.53.15 PM

Week 11 – Fig

Screen shot 2013-08-21 at 9.50.23 PM

Week 12 – Lime

Baby has started kicking, flipping, and hiccuping – although I suppose I do not get to feel these flutters for another few weeks.

We are relieved and excited to have made it through the first few stressful, yet thrilling, months.  Hoping that my appetite returns to ‘normal’ and Boggle can keep on keepin’ on.


Kumquat in a Grapefruit!

Week 10, here we come!

Week 10 - Kumquat

Week 10 – Kumquat

Baby P is now the size of a Kumquat! But the craziest thing for me is that Emma P’s uterus is now the size of a GRAPEFRUIT! Wowza, sorry for the graphic imagery, but this would explain why my pants are getting so tight!

So much is happening this week.  Measuring 1.25″, here are just a few highlights of what Baby P is up to:

-Most critical portion of development is COMPLETE!

-Swallowing and kicking!

-Vital organs, including: kidneys, intestines, brain, and liver are in place and starting to function.

-Fingernails, teeth, and hair are starting to grow!

-And I am finally starting to feel some relief and return of my appetite! Horray!

10 weeks doesn’t seem like a very long time but 25% does seem like a great big stride in the process!

A Royal Mystery


As the Duke and Dutchess of the Kanawha River, Geoffrey and I will be following in William and Kate’s footsteps and keeping our baby a Royal Mystery.

I have already heard the uproar (in your most magnificent British accent):  “What ever SHALL we buy?”  “But pray tell, how WILL you decorate?”  “How could one EVER be prepared?” “My DARLING, won’t you be QUITE miserable missing all of the sales?”

Don’t get me wrong, it has not all proved to be negativity.  In fact, we have heard many success stories:

“Waiting to find out the gender was the best decision we made, next to deciding to get pregnant!”

“We let it be a surprise with the 2nd, and I will never find out the gender again!”

“The excitement of delivery is multiplied x 10, if that is possible!”

“I swore it was a boy, but was so thrilled with the Doctor said ”IT’S A GIRL’!'”

and even more of:

“Good for you guys. That is so exciting!”

I am sure that the Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge had a multitude of reasons for not sharing the gender, or name, prior to the birth.   For instance, Great buildings, Monuments, and a Research Program being named after and dedicated to the new Prince:

We don’t have any Monuments lined up yet, and I don’t imagine that Niagara Falls will be bathed in pink or blue at the arrival of our child (though one can only dream…).  However, we do have our reasons… simple as they are:

It is such an exciting time to begin with, and we think our decision to not know the gender will prove to be even more thrilling.  We enjoy living on the edge!  Not to mention, I have never been a fan of opening gifts before Christmas Morning.  And for those of you just dying to hit the sale racks, I don’t really have an answer for you – except that I expect my kid to be naked, rolling around in diapers, a lot more than clothes, for the first year. Also, I know I hate pants…and bows, so I imagine this is a hereditary issue that we ultimately have no control over.

And as one last bit of encouragement for you shop-a-holics out there… OWLS and GIRAFFES are quite gender neutral… and ADORABLE.



Happy shopping – and WAITING!

Top 5 Reasons

boygirlMy whole life I have dreamed of having a little girl, my mini-me.  A girl that I could relate to, and help her on bad hair days, and receive a little payback from, for mouthing off at my mom when I was 13.  However, now that I am actually pregnant with, what feels like, a big Plagemann BOY, all I really want is a cute, cuddly, mini-Geoff.

So, now that I am thoroughly confused as to which would be the best scenario,  I thought I could share 5 of the greatest reasons to wish for each sex:


Girl Reason #1: French Braids – I spent hours of my childhood teaching myself how to french braid, french twist, fish bone braid, and more on a lifesize plastic barbie head with ‘real’ hair.  Why would anyone want to waste those skills?

Girl Reason #2: Gifts made EASY – From Polly Pocket, to Glitter, to Pierced Ears, to Snickers Ice Cream bars…  I know what girls like.  I know what they want in their stockings, in their birthday presents, and on days that their boyfriend writes them a nasty note to say he is not going to make it to that oh so important dance.

Girl Reason #3: Big Sisters Rule – Being a big sister myself, I know that it feels awesome to have one-up on your baby brother.  I ENJOYED making him eat soggy bread.  I definitely ENJOYED having a built in waiter to bring me chips and chocolate milk any time day or night. And yes, I ENJOYED making him preform for my girl friends when we got bored at a sleepover.  And to this day, I ENJOY knowing that, although baby brother’s have no clue, big sisters get the final one-up by secretly learning everything they know from their baby brothers.

Girl Reason #4: Sunrise at the Beach – One of my greatest memories with my mom is a sunrise walk on the beach when we saw a double rainbow and got our mini-van stuck in the sand.  ***I do not believe that boys enjoy sunrise, the beach, or getting stuck, even 1/2 as much as girls do…

Girl Reason #5: The Little Mermaid – “Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat, wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete?  Wouldn’t you think I’m the girl, the girl who has, everything? ENOUGH SAID.


Boy Reason #1: Big Brothers Are SO Cool – I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS wished I had a big brother. a) to threaten those boys who broke up with me.  and b) to scare those girls who called me names.  Big Brother’s are intimidating and awesome, even if deep down they turn out to be just another Perry-Plagemann nerd.

Boy Reason #2: Grass Mowed – Built in grass mower, hedge trimmer, car washer, luggage carrier, etc. etc. etc.

Boy Reason #3: Football – Geoffrey is the best role model I know.  I am positive that he would teach our son to: be a perfect gentleman (most days), love his Momma with his whole heart, and be an All-Star Football player.  Heck, with our families’ history of height and stature, he might even make it to some sort of Hall-Of-Fame…unless he takes after me.

Boy Reason #4: The “Talk” – All Geoffrey.

Boy Reason #5:  Momma’s Boy – Girls love on Daddy, and boys love on Momma – even through those tough teen years when they don’t like ANYBODY.  And as much as I love little girls, the fact that she will hate me for at least 2.5 years of her life is beyond devastating.  I would much rather Geoff be blamed for punishments and tough love decisions, that will be made together, but will ultimately appear to be coming from one of us…  Sorry hubs.


Reasons #1-101 that IT DOES NOT MATTER – Tree House Stories, Road Trips, Tiny Shoes, Christmas Mornings, Grandparent Visits, Teddy Bears, Group Hugs, Family Game Nights, School Plays, Drying Tears, Bedtime Stories, Mac n’ Cheese, Cousins, Harry Potter (they WILL love it), Halloween, Sleepovers, Hide n’ Seek, Camp Cowen, Sharing ‘Rocky Top’, Tiny Cheeseheads, Teaching Life Lessons, and…

…ALREADY loving someone more that I could have EVER imagined.

Thanks for Reading (and sharing)!

Carolyn’s (my Mother-In-Law’s) thoughts on Perry-Plagemann guessing game:

“Geoff’s grandmother on Russ’ side said she got the chills when she saw Geoff for the first time because she felt as if she was looking at her first husband, Henry.”

My Aunt Donna was able to see one of my ultrasounds in person and reminded me,

“It was so clear that we could distinctly see that you were giving us the finger!”

Oops, sorry Aunt Donna, and Mom and Dad I suppose. 😉  I love hearing from you all, thanks for reading, and sharing.

Week 9 and the History of my Fruit-Baby

Fruit Baby

Fruit Baby

I am right in the middle of my 9th week! eeek! Symptoms come and go which is a pain – and Geoffrey is probably ready to have a wife that doesn’t whimper every evening… Only 3.5 more weeks of the first trimester, so we are hanging in there.

Thanks to this modern world of the internet: 1. I have a blog that is easy to use.  and 2. I can compare my baby to food every week through an app on my phone!  It is amazing how fast things are changing.


Poppy Seed

Week 4: Poppy Seed

(Two layers exist: the epiblast and the hypoblast.)

Sesame Seed

Week 5: Sesame Seed

(Neural tube is sprouting.)


Week 6: Lintel

(Heart is beating. Nose, mouth, & ears taking shape.)

Screen shot 2013-08-05 at 10.13.24 AM

Week 7: Blueberry

(Hands and feet are emerging.)


Kidney Bean

Week 8: Kidney Bean

(Fingers and toes appear.)


Week 9: Grape

(Eyes are fully formed. Sex organs begin to form.)

From here on I will try to post the weekly food/fruit! However, if you are super anxious (family), click on any of the fruit pictures for the full week-by-week descriptions.