And I thought I loved you then…


Geoffrey and I don’t really do much for Valentine’s Day.  He makes me dinner and we lay around being best friends.  Really it is not much different than any other evening. (Except occasionally he cuts carrots into the shape of hearts) ❤


So, with our non-celebration of this love-themed holiday, I think it makes perfect sense for me to feel all lovey-dovey on February 13th, not the 14th.   And by lovey-dovey, I mean emotional, hormonal, and pregnant…

Humans probably don’t get much more hormonal (or much more pregnant) than I am today, so I am just going to let these sappy feelings fly.

This song came on Pandora Radio today and reduced me to tears:



November 2008: You became my best friend and you held me as we bonded over Mexican food, shared loss, and wii-sports.

 And I thought I loved you then…


December 2008: I sat absurdly still in a canoe, willing myself NOT to blurt out my feelings for fear that it was just ‘too soon’.

And I thought I loved you then…


January 2009: We had our first ‘Bliss Day’ and became ‘Ru!ned’.

 And I thought I loved you then…


Spring 2009: You swept me away for a surprise trip to see my favorite musical.

And I thought I loved you then…


Summer 2009: We figured 8 out…

 And I thought I loved you then…


Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer 2009-10: We put 48,000 miles on each of our cars just to spend 48 hours together each weekend.

 And I thought I loved you then…


December 2010: I thought I was going to A. Explode or B. Propose to you. Somehow I managed to do neither.

 And I thought I loved you then…


April 2011: You got down on one knee (twice)

 And I thought I loved you then…


Summer 2011: I lost my mind, but you never gave up on me.

And I thought I loved you then…


October 2011: We said I DO

And I thought I loved you then…


November 2012: I threw away my birth control.

And I thought I loved you then…


June 2013: We cried until we laughed, then we laughed until we cried.

And I thought I loved you then…


Now, in the next 15 days we are about to embark on the biggest emotional rollercoaster of our lives, but I am sure,

“We’ll look back someday, at this moment that we’re in, and I’ll look at you and say:

And I thought I loved you then…”

Happiness to the point of tears just doesn’t happen everyday – unless you are pregnant and are married to my husband.


Thank you for all of the joy and love you share with me everyday.

Happy February 13th !