The Ah-HA Moment

San Diego Here We Come

This was one of my biggest Ah-HA-moments-to-date…

I was browsing the AIA San Diego Job Board, and I was turned off again and again by Entry and Mid-level Architect/Designer positions.  One of them was even titled ‘Minion’.

I know, you think you are being funny and clever, but in reality the lack of respect for experience, motivation, and education was just OOZING from this joke of a title…  ‘Minion’, is that really all the regard my profession holds for someone who has just spent the last 5-8 years of their life preparing, day and night, to enter the ‘profession of their dreams’?  Come on, ‘a’rchitects.
A little respect, please.
:::End Rant::

Anyway, I was browsing the AIA San Diego Job Board, and came across a posting with the title ‘Senior Marketing Coordinator’, and as I read the description all I could think was OH-MY-GOD-THIS-IS-MY-JOB.  It was the exact description of the work I have been LOVING for the past 6 years, it was in San Diego, and it was not titled ‘Minion’.  So, I dropped everything I was doing, stayed up until 3am [what’s new?] whipped out my resume, portfolio, and cover letter just hours after seeing the ad, and BAM, landed an interview.

After going through a seemingly endless process, that I will not bore you with, I GOT THE JOB… but after all — OH-MY-GOD-THIS-WAS-MY-JOB to begin with…  So why was I so shocked? >>> Probably because they offered me a job that I love, are going to ‘let’ me live in San Diego, and are even going to pay me to do so… WHAT?!?! Amazing.

So, I started working for JCJ Architecture, from my home in WV, a little over one month ago, and now the time has officially come for us to pack it up and move to the West Coast.  Geoff and I are so totally stoked to move to San Diego, start our new life in Ocean Beach, and make a life-change that is precisely what we want.

Geoff is going to take on the role of ‘Stay-at-Home-Dad’ [guhhh, I know, I know…we are soooo trendy 😛 ] and begin taking on checkerboardSTUDIOS full time.  And I am going to take on ‘The Office’ once more! [channeling Peggy Olsen…]

Of course, I am feeling sad to leave my WV home, family and friends.  But gosh, I am also feeling so, SO GOOD, about life’s next big Ah-HA!

Stay tuned, next up: blogging the move!


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