Daily Prompt: If I Could Turn Back Time


My first ever daily prompt!  This one caught my eye, probably because I know exactly when I would turn back time to.  And the best part, I wouldn’t change a thing!!

Up until now, I have had 3 favorite years of my life, and since life has been dictated by school calendars, these are my years:  1991-92, 2000-01, and 2007-08. 

1991-92 – 2nd grade:

I loved my teacher, I was 7 years old, life was great.  I had blossoming friendships with some of my life long best friends and neighbors, I could successfully ride my bike, and was allowed to play outside until my mother hollered for me to come home for dinner!  That is about it.  It was a simple year, but I remember it being one of the greatest.

2000-01 – 9th grade: 

I was a hateful 14 year old, but I managed to get my first kiss, ‘fall in love’, and get my heart broken all in the span of 2 months.  It was great and terrible year, but I had never felt such passion, emotion, and life.  I felt like an adult for the first time in my life, and I knew that there was no turning back.

But, without a doubt, if I could turn back time,

I would choose 2007-08 – 4th year of college:

I was cool.  I was chill.  I was laid back.   I was in my 4th year of college.  I turned 21.  I received my first ‘A’ in ‘studio.  My parents paid my rent.  My roommate and I had no inhibitions.  My roommate and I were the VERY best of friends.  I kept a sketchbook.  I had a pool.  I met the man who would one day become my husband.  I ‘played the field’.  I moved to Italy.  I had my nose pierced.  I met fabulous friends, all around the globe.  I ate Mexican food, every Friday night.  I kissed strangers.  Italian strangers.  Obama was elected the first African American President of the United States.  I felt ‘change’.  I got over the past.  I lived in the present.  I fell in love.  Like REALLY fell in love.  I drank too much wine.  I incurred an enormous amount of student debt.  I smoked cigars.  I slept, only when necessary.  I skipped 80% of my Geology classes.  And did I mention I was cool?

Now I am almost 28, life is very different, but still pretty amazing.  And if I think really hard about it, I might just be living in one of those epic years…

2014 – working from home, newborn in-tow: 

I live in a tiny house with the love of my life and our newest little bundle of joy.  I only drink one glass of wine a week, Mexican food is generally ‘carry-out’, and a vacation is one night alone with my sweetheart.  Life is easy, it is simple, but it is grand.

For now, I will choose to live in the moment, and only turn back time for an instant, if for nothing else, to remind myself of how cool I was…


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