THRID Trimester!

The holidays have made the past 4 weeks FLY by!

We started off week 26 with a trip to Wisconsin where we celebrated Thanksgiving with Geoff’s family and a ‘Townies Night’ on the Square in Madison.  While hanging out with friends in Madison we found out that another one of our good friends is expecting baby #2, due in May!   We are super pumped that our babies will be so close in age and can not wait to continue our traditions with babies in tow.

Week 26 – Scallion

During week 26, Boggle was the size of a scallion.  Which I suppose means the ‘length’ of a scallion, because my belly sure is holding something much larger than a thin little SCALLION!

When we returned back home and approached week 27, my dad and Geoffrey worked full force to finish installing our new wood floors and doors!!! Our house looks like new and I sure am one lucky girl to have these two wonderful men working so hard while I prop my feet up in front of my parents’ gas logs.  😉

During week 27 we made our way to Nashville to celebrate the almost-annual holiday, THANKSMAS, with college friends! It was such a sweet reunion.  Folks traveled in from all corners of the country:  Alabama, California, Michigan, West Virginia, North and South Carolina, and Tennessee! Check out how much fun we had…


Then Boggle grew some MORE…

Week 27 - Cauliflower

Week 27 – Cauliflower

During week 27 Boggle grew to the size of a head of cauliflower! (Some jump from a scallion…)

We also got to enjoy a 4D Ultrasound of our little Cauliflower this week.  It was a long wait in the waiting room, but OH MY, was it worth it!!  My parents came along to this appointment, and it was incredible sharing this sweet, sweet moment with them.  There weren’t too many dry eyes in the room.

<3 Love <3

Everyone seems to think the baby is my clone, but it is still up in the air if it is a boy or a girl…

He/she weighed in at 2lbs 15oz.   For those of you that need help with math that is SUPER close to THREE POUNDS!

For week 28 we actually stayed put in West Virginia, did some last minute Christmas shopping, wrapping, and cooking, and received some amazing gifts from the Plagemanns!!! Check out this sweet stroller + car seat combo…

Stroller + Giraffes

Stroller + Car Seat + Giraffes + NEW Floors!

At the size of an EGGPLANT, Boggle is almost ready to sit in that adorable little car seat!

Week 28  - Eggplant

Week 28 – Eggplant

Week 29 was technically Boggle’s ‘first’ Christmas! My brother traveled in from Cali, and Geoff and I made some sweet memories with both sides of my family – including some cute belly shots with my prego cuz, Carla! We are taking bets on who will deliver first…

My Crazy Family



During Christmas, Week 29, Boggle was over 15 inches long and about the size of a Butternut Squash… yumm! I love butternut squash…

Week 29 – Butternut Squash

Now in the middle of Week 30, we are back in Wisconsin, celebrating Christmas with the Plagemann’s!  The weather is bitter cold.  Low Temps around -17°… (yes that is a NEGATIVE symbol before the 17)… yikes!   But despite the cold, we are having a super warm and wonderful visit with friends and family!  We will be ringing in the New Year near Green Bay, WI and then headed back to West Virginia to spend the next few weeks REALLY preparing for Boggle’s big arrival!  It is almost time to figure out how that car seat works and pack the suitcase…

Week 30 – Large Cabbage

Only 10 more weeks to go!!!


1. Check out how big this ‘large’ cabbage really looks…and

2. Check out these adorable matching owl hats Boggle, Geoff and I got for Christmas from the Perry’s!


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