Why is the sky blue?

We dabble.  Geoffrey and I are dabblers.  Some might label us as ‘artist types’… but I hate when anyone calls themselves an ‘artist’. It is so presumptuous, implying that you are actually GOOD at art.  And since ‘good’ has such a wide array of possibilities, I think I will stick to my original statement and say, we are ‘dabblers’.

Yes, we enjoy art, travel, architecture, photography, painting, graphic design, and all of the quirkiness that comes along with those ‘hobbies’.  However we are nowhere near, nor will be ever be, experts at any one of these professions.  So very few are.

In short, I see a future doomed for dabbling! It’s really quite entertaining.  Practice one hobby until you are 5 days short of mastering it, get bored, then move on to the next socially unacceptable career… Kidding.  Kind of.

I love this way of life.  I am always learning something new, always self-critiquing, always challenged, always changing direction, and never bored.  However, because of mine and Geoff’s shared interest in this continuous cycle, I am afraid our baby is doomed to be a super-nerd.

ask for 1

ask for 2

ask for 3

ask for 4

ask for 5

ask for 6

ask for 7

ask for 8

If our baby manages to survive 18+ years in this family, without following directly in our footsteps, I will be thoroughly impressed, and more likely than not, they will have intensely rebelled against our so-called ‘artistic’ lifestyle and will find the true success of a mastered career.

If they DO manage to resist, perhaps they will become the typically wished for: Doctor, Lawyer, or Engineer…or even a truly skilled: Robot Programmer, Keyboardist, or Giraffe Trainer (seriously, I just recently heard of someone who trains giraffes! And gets paid for it!!)

No matter.  They will either:

  1. Be just like us.  Weirdos, who are interested in EVERYTHING, and have a lot of fun doing it.


  1. Hate their childhood SO much that they rebel and find a truly successful, mastered career hiding in the shadows of their awkward youth.

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