Baby Cheesehead

So far, we know 2 facts.

1. Baby P. loves cheese just as much as Momma P.

2. Baby P’s presence does not determine a Packer win.

A little over a week ago, Boggle took his/her first trip to a PACKER game! The Plagemann’s are so proud. (Not of the Packer loss, but of Baby P’s stellar upbringing)


We had a blast in Cincinnati! Made it to the zoo – which is probably an activity that will be even more fun once there is a stroller, diaper bag, and cooler in tow.  But for now, we enjoyed one last trip where we could get through the whole park in 4 hours, spend too much money on ‘so-so’ pizza, and head to the downtown Oktoberfest Zinzinnati afterward.

Oktoberfest was insanely crowded, but we managed to grab a couple brats and chant along with the Packer fan base that took over the city.  Geoff says that if a Wisconsin-ite hears the words ‘Oktober’ and ‘fest’ they say “when? where? let’s go, now!”

While in Cincinnati, we made it to week 16! whoohoo.  I picked up a nasty case of Poison Ivy getting this photo-op, but looking back I’m sure I will say it was worth it.  I suppose Poison Ivy is safer than standing this close to a real bull anyway.



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