Weeks 13-14

Approaching week 14, I am feeling SO much better.  Still exhausted, but that may be because of my late night on the computer, and not so much Boggle’s fault.  When I am sleeping, dreams are in high gear – so much so that I have stopped the morning story telling unless it is something really juicy! My appetite is BACK! (knock on wood!) And my belly almost, actually, looks pregnant and not just bloated.  HELLO 2nd TRIMESTER! Great, great, great to meet you!

I think that my body actually started to adjust to feeling crappy all the time, but boy did I welcome back my old self with open arms! It was like I forgot how good I could feel.

Screen shot 2013-09-04 at 8.17.36 AM

Week 13 – Pea-pod

Screen shot 2013-09-04 at 8.17.44 AM

Week 14 – Lemon

We have moved from a pea-pod to a lemon! And I am beginning to think that I need a lesson in fruits and veggies and their actual size.  To me, a lemon is the same as a lime, and a pea-pod (maybe just because of the peas inside) seems like a step in the wrong direction.  Oh well – bigger foods are on the way.

Entering the 2nd Trimester baby Boggle has now formed fingerprints and can make all kinds of facial expressions, including a grin. 😉  The habit of thumb sucking has already begun and, amazingly, he/she can start to hear me speak through internal vibrations.   I guess I better start reading aloud.


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