Bazaar Baby

Baby Announcement by: Ian Bode, Charleston, WV

At a recent weekend at the East End Bazaar, Ian Bode, a great artist/cartoonist, created this adorable painting of our exciting news! We ‘expect’ that this will be how we announce our news on facebook.

It sure is amazing what an announcement social media has become.  Somehow, posting to facebook has become this ritual of sorts that demands hilarious punch lines, filtered photos, and endless tagging.  As exhausting as it has become, I must say, I am looking forward to the likes, comments, and virtual excitement.   I have seen everything from a can of ‘PREGO’, to two pumpkins in a belly, to ‘BUMP’ road signs, to plenty of chalkboard displays, to tiny shoes, and so on.  And the competition is pretty stiff, but I happen to think that our announcement is awesome! Now we just need to take bets on how many ‘likes’ we can accrue in 24 hours.

As for the Fruit Update:

Approaching week 12, Boggle is turning into a LIME… which all of the sudden seems HUGE!

Screen shot 2013-08-21 at 9.53.15 PM

Week 11 – Fig

Screen shot 2013-08-21 at 9.50.23 PM

Week 12 – Lime

Baby has started kicking, flipping, and hiccuping – although I suppose I do not get to feel these flutters for another few weeks.

We are relieved and excited to have made it through the first few stressful, yet thrilling, months.  Hoping that my appetite returns to ‘normal’ and Boggle can keep on keepin’ on.


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