A Royal Mystery


As the Duke and Dutchess of the Kanawha River, Geoffrey and I will be following in William and Kate’s footsteps and keeping our baby a Royal Mystery.

I have already heard the uproar (in your most magnificent British accent):  “What ever SHALL we buy?”  “But pray tell, how WILL you decorate?”  “How could one EVER be prepared?” “My DARLING, won’t you be QUITE miserable missing all of the sales?”

Don’t get me wrong, it has not all proved to be negativity.  In fact, we have heard many success stories:

“Waiting to find out the gender was the best decision we made, next to deciding to get pregnant!”

“We let it be a surprise with the 2nd, and I will never find out the gender again!”

“The excitement of delivery is multiplied x 10, if that is possible!”

“I swore it was a boy, but was so thrilled with the Doctor said ”IT’S A GIRL’!'”

and even more of:

“Good for you guys. That is so exciting!”

I am sure that the Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge had a multitude of reasons for not sharing the gender, or name, prior to the birth.   For instance, Great buildings, Monuments, and a Research Program being named after and dedicated to the new Prince:


We don’t have any Monuments lined up yet, and I don’t imagine that Niagara Falls will be bathed in pink or blue at the arrival of our child (though one can only dream…).  However, we do have our reasons… simple as they are:

It is such an exciting time to begin with, and we think our decision to not know the gender will prove to be even more thrilling.  We enjoy living on the edge!  Not to mention, I have never been a fan of opening gifts before Christmas Morning.  And for those of you just dying to hit the sale racks, I don’t really have an answer for you – except that I expect my kid to be naked, rolling around in diapers, a lot more than clothes, for the first year. Also, I know I hate pants…and bows, so I imagine this is a hereditary issue that we ultimately have no control over.

And as one last bit of encouragement for you shop-a-holics out there… OWLS and GIRAFFES are quite gender neutral… and ADORABLE.



Happy shopping – and WAITING!


One thought on “A Royal Mystery

  1. I love that you have the patience to not found out the gender! Also, Joy has a owl hat that JAC wore that I am sure she would love to see baby P wear.

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