Let’s Start At the Very Beginning…

IMAG0451-1‘Baby Boggle’ looks pretty blurry in the first ultrasound photo.  However, the real thing was absolutely amazing!   Geoff and I went to the doctor together at the beginning of this week.

The first visit was scheduled for Monday, but…my pregnancy-brain got the best of me and resulted in me not remembering the appointment time and showing up 25 minutes late.  We were sadly disappointed that we were not able to get in for the ultrasound due to my mishap in schedule.  Thankfully they were able to reschedule us for Tuesday.

On Tuesday, we did show up on time, and were taken into the ‘dark room’ almost immediately.  When the technician zoomed in on the screen it took my breath away.  You could see so many details: Head to ‘tail’ and the heart beating rapidly.  We then learned that the baby was 6 weeks and 4 days along (one week behind my estimate) and that the baby’s heartbeat was 131 beats/minute. Amazing.

As of right now I have a very strong feeling it’s a BOY… but I suppose that is all just guess-work.


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